What even is the reason? Why should you have to take another breath when each and every one hurts? When living seems to only be a curse? When life seems to be too much to bear anymore, and nothing interests you, not even the things you used to adore? When the world seems to have turned its back on you, and none of your confidants have come through?

Because you still have many breaths inside of you, and the world needs your smile to breakthrough… to melt the hearts that have turned cold, and to free the minds that are being controlled. You are stronger and braver than you think. You’ve been on the brink of something scarier than any shallow mind will ever be able to perceive. So look up and just let yourself breathe.

Because there isn’t a time to give up. Life may be hard and maybe you don’t see anything in the future, but back up… Don’t worry about what comes next; worry about what happens in this context, right now. If your lungs burn with every breath and your legs threaten to give out, then fall to your knees and take a bow. Remember that God makes everything beautiful in time, and that he would never go against you in any sort of crime. To him you are beautiful, and wonderful, and smart, and perfectly made, and each breath you take puts a smile on his face. When your heart aches, his does too, but he can only take your pain if you allow him to. He’s done it once, he will do it again. Just talk to him in Jesus name amen.

Now close your eyes, breath in, breathe out. Feel the weight on your shoulders lighten and the darkness in your heart bailout. Now can you see…that you’re loved beyond measure and without a doubt?

Don’t stop doing it now.

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