What makes a person extreme?
Racing a train with yards of track ahead of you?
Running towards a car moving 50 miles an hour towards you?
Jumping the gun and asking that girl to marry you?

Maybe it’s all of them
But only one of us can be the most extreme–
I have to say
It must be me.

It must be me
Because I do all of those things.
I race the train and I win.
I run towards the speeding car and flip over it with ease.
I don’t care what anyone thinks– I ask my man to marry me.

Don’t believe me?
Well I’m a writer.
I do those things daily.
I am extreme.

I have come face to face with the devil himself–
and I escaped him and his rancid breath.
I died one thousand times
and still stand before you today.

Only the most extreme could compete with that.

I am a writer.
I walk on water
and fight the world’s best heavy weight boxer.
I wake up to the love of my life dead beside me.
I sing in front of a crowd for the first time and wow them all.
I am a writer.

I have many talents.
I travel without moving out of my seat.
I create worlds that only exist in the most extreme peoples minds.
I am extreme.

I am a writer.


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