As many of you know, Needs4 LIFE was supposed to start the 12th of January. However, the only people who showed up were the leaders– which was fine since we had a chance to talk about what we needed to do in order to get the attention we want and need to get this thing going. It’s already been over two months since then, and I’m starting to feel like this just isn’t meant for me anymore. I’m still trying to keep going anyway– the things meant for us are sometimes the hardest things to find, or in this case, achieve. I just need to know how much interest there is in Pierre; if there’s not any then I can’t help anyone. I can’t start something when nobody besides me is interested. I need help– I want your help. Let me know if your interested by voting on the poll and commenting your interest on our group’s facebook page: Needs4 LIFE. Thanks! Now read on to get more of a feel for what this is about!

Our original idea for Needs4 LIFE was to have a hang out group where teens could come and talk and have fun without the stress of school or life on their shoulders. We wanted to create an atmosphere that was healthy and encouraging for today’s teens. Then along the way we developed a new idea to have more of a counseling group where we would talk about our feelings and watch YouTube videos and learn how to deal with our illnesses– that was never what I had in mind. (If that’s something you’d be interested in, there is already a NAMI group in Pierre associated with one of the churches. Just email me and I’ll get you more info!)

I’m looking more to start a campaign than a group. I don’t want to sit around in a circle and discuss my feelings. I want to give the opportunity to myself and my peers to be creative and to show off their God-given talents in a way that inspires and informs our community and surrounding communities. I want to be that encouraging person, and to help others become that person, that is able to inspire others to do what they love to do. I know I’m not the only one. I see on social media all the time people who are ranting about something they want to change or are passionate about– Let’s get together and spread that passion!

There are so many talented teens in this area. There are beautiful photographers, amazing artists of every kind, and gymnasts, and people so kind that my heart just swells. I want to share that with the world. But I can’t do it alone, because I am not all those things. I am not even a fraction of those things. And even if I was– I wouldn’t want it to just be me. I want to be a part of something bigger than myself. I want to spread awareness of things happening in teens lives and minds today. I want to spread hope for my generation. There’s so much negativity… I don’t know about you, but I need less of that and more of the happy stuff.

So here’s the deal–

If you are passionate about something, message me. It can literally be anything. It can be something you’re good at: singing, instrumentals, gymnastics, photography, filming, writing, acting; or something that deeply affects you: depression, anxiety, teen-life, bullying, inspiring others, motivation, ANYTHING. Or any combination there- of. Don’t ignore this. THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

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