Dear future daughter,

Hear me when I say

You are the center of my world

And the apple of your father’s eye.

My dear precious little girl,

Listen as I tell you

Not to settle for less than you deserve

And not to set a limit to the height of your sky.


I want you to know that my love for you

Will only ever grow.

And that when you’re sad

I’ll be sad too,

But don’t be afraid to let your feelings show.

My love,

Someday your love

Will no longer be only mine to carefully keep.

However, when part of you gets broken

By the guy you thought for you’d never weep,

I’ll be here to mop up the mess

Or just hold you again

Tightly against my breast.

My child,


Hold your head up high

But not so high that your nose is upturned.


Walk with pride,

But speak humbly.


Be brave,

But watch where you place your next step.


Be confident,

But know your place.

Most importantly though–


Shine in our heavenly Father’s grace.


Trust me when I tell you

That there is no greater love

Than the love that comes from above.

Trust me when I tell you

That He loves you more

Than even I can

Or any other human man.

Trust me when I tell you

That He made you in His pure hands

Without any doubt that you’ll grow

And change the layout of these cruel lands.

Baby girl,

You are magnificent

And strong

And intelligent

And more loved than you’ll ever know.

Each day,

As I watch you grow,

And hear your laugh for the first time;

As you take your first steps,

And wiggle your toes;

As my name becomes mommy,

And that’s the only name our house knows;

As you ask new questions,

And learn your ABC’s

My heart swoons with a love that will never decrease.

Dear future daughter,

Whenever the time comes that we meet,

Just know that this world was made for you and your own two feet

And there’s no where you can’t go

With the powerful love that will never deplete.

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