my love,
I give you my heart,
completely free of charge.

Open it up
and dissect its parts
to see how deep
my love flows.

I’m sure inside
you’ll find many things.
There will be ugly parts
with deep rooted scars
and things you wish you wouldn’t have seen.
But woven between
you’ll find a river of love
that is only meant for you and me.

I hope when you see
the tears around the seams
that you will sew them all back up.
If what you see, however, is too much
and I’m just plain out of good luck,
promise me you’ll safely hand me back the key.

But promise me,
if you keep the key,
that you’re love won’t come with a fee.
That you’ll keep my heart
where you can easily see
when it starts to fall apart.

And if it does,
if it falls apart,
don’t hesitate,
don’t freeze.
Just pull it close,
and keep it warm,
until it takes back it’s original form.

My love,
If by chance
you find your love
flows as deep as mine,
just hand me the key,
it’ll be fine–
I’d love to take a peek.

I promise to hold your heart safely
as for refuge in me you seek.

I will never let go,
for your heart is pure gold
and too precious to give up.

I hope
I never have to let go
of this thing between you and me.

my love,
there’s no greater love
than the one between you and me.

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