I want you to stay.
Please, stop looking her way.
I’m right here.
Just stay.

Do not walk out that door,
I’m begging you for just a little more

I’m just asking you to stay.
Why won’t you stay.
Is there anything,
at all,
That I can say?

Or tell me,
Does she love you in a way
that makes your heart skip,
and your stomach tip?
Just tell me,
It’s okay.

Or tell me,
Do you love her in a way
that makes your entire day
seem brighter?
When you see her,
Do you look at her and just KNOW,
you’re meant to be together?
If you do,
It’s okay.
You don’t have to stay.

I just want you to know,
before you go,
that you’ve done all of those things for me.
My heart skips at the thought of you.
The butterflies in my belly drive me wild at the sight of you.
You brighten my day.
And there’s no way,
I could tell you,
That the first day I met you
I knew we were meant to be together.

Take these things.
Do with them as you please.
You can go,
but just know,
At the end of my life,
When my lungs seize,
I’ll still be begging you, please,

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