The Gift of You

We met.
We talked.
We laughed.
And we fought.

But as the days went by
and the look in your eye
never changed
My heart became yours.

As your thumb brushed over my lips
and your breath wrapped me in warmth
I knew.
You were the one.

At first I didn’t see
How simply in love I could be
With being yours.

But I knew
As my words started to fail me
And yet everything became an opportunity for poetry
That life had given bountifully.
That life had finally given me
Something I so desperately prayed to see.
It gave me you.

In the Night

In the night,
I’m dreaming of you,
But I’m wishing
I knew
You were dreaming
Of me too.

In the night,
The coldness hits
As I remember the warmth,
And the light
And the soft look in your eyes
And the incredible bliss
As your hand reached up to touch my lips.
As we leaned so close
That the air around us
Had to be shared
And neither of us dared
To say a word.

In the night,
You come to mind,
But that’s not the only time.

I think about you
As I skip our song
Because the memories that come with it are too painful.

I think about you
When I go out with friends
Because I want to be out with you instead.

I think about you
While I’m out on a date
Because there’s just no way
Anybody could ever be fit to stay.

In the night,
You only come to mind
As I wake up from a dream
where me and you
are still a team,
But during the day,
You’re in every little thing.

In the night,
I’m dreaming of you,
But I wish
You could tell me
That you dream of me too.

Why Him?

I wonder,
Why him?

Then I remember,
It’s because when my whole world is dim,
It just takes a little bit of him
to bring the light back in.

It just takes a little bit of him
to break my walls in,
and make me believe in life again.

It just takes a little bit of him
to make me want to dance in the rain,
and forget all the world’s pain.

So when I wonder,
‘Why him?,’
There’s no simple answer.
It’s not because “I love him.”
It’s not because “he’s him.”
It’s not because “he’s better than anyone I’ve ever met.”

It’s because when he’s around,
I know I have a safety net.
He will catch me when I fall.

It’s because even when I do fall,
He doesn’t make me feel weak,
As he stands over me, tall.
He sinks with me,
Holds me,
Encourages me,
until we both stand again, tall.

That is why I chose him.
Why I keep choosing him
Despite it all.

That is why at the end of the day,
And the beginning of the day,
and even when the sun is highest in the sky,
It is him.

It might very well always lead back to him.


I want you to stay.
Please, stop looking her way.
I’m right here.
Just stay.

Do not walk out that door,
I’m begging you for just a little more

I’m just asking you to stay.
Why won’t you stay.
Is there anything,
at all,
That I can say?

Or tell me,
Does she love you in a way
that makes your heart skip,
and your stomach tip?
Just tell me,
It’s okay.

Or tell me,
Do you love her in a way
that makes your entire day
seem brighter?
When you see her,
Do you look at her and just KNOW,
you’re meant to be together?
If you do,
It’s okay.
You don’t have to stay.

I just want you to know,
before you go,
that you’ve done all of those things for me.
My heart skips at the thought of you.
The butterflies in my belly drive me wild at the sight of you.
You brighten my day.
And there’s no way,
I could tell you,
That the first day I met you
I knew we were meant to be together.

Take these things.
Do with them as you please.
You can go,
but just know,
At the end of my life,
When my lungs seize,
I’ll still be begging you, please,

You and Me

my love,
I give you my heart,
completely free of charge.

Open it up
and dissect its parts
to see how deep
my love flows.

I’m sure inside
you’ll find many things.
There will be ugly parts
with deep rooted scars
and things you wish you wouldn’t have seen.
But woven between
you’ll find a river of love
that is only meant for you and me.

I hope when you see
the tears around the seams
that you will sew them all back up.
If what you see, however, is too much
and I’m just plain out of good luck,
promise me you’ll safely hand me back the key.

But promise me,
if you keep the key,
that you’re love won’t come with a fee.
That you’ll keep my heart
where you can easily see
when it starts to fall apart.

And if it does,
if it falls apart,
don’t hesitate,
don’t freeze.
Just pull it close,
and keep it warm,
until it takes back it’s original form.

My love,
If by chance
you find your love
flows as deep as mine,
just hand me the key,
it’ll be fine–
I’d love to take a peek.

I promise to hold your heart safely
as for refuge in me you seek.

I will never let go,
for your heart is pure gold
and too precious to give up.

I hope
I never have to let go
of this thing between you and me.

my love,
there’s no greater love
than the one between you and me.

The Years

As the leaves fall

And the warmth fades

And you’re struggling to stand tall–

I will be here.

I will be here

Even when you tell me to go.

Even when I’m tired

Of the same ol’ things we know.

Through the fights

And the inevitable tears.

Through the changing of brand new leaves

And the rest of our years.

And I know you’ll be here too.

Through all the drama that will ensue

And the eye-rolling

that you’ll witness a time or two…

Because I’m yours

And you’re mine.

That alone makes

My entire world brightly shine.

If a time ever comes when the leaves

Don’t grow back

And I’ve lost you to the the rain,

Or rather love,

That we lack.

If a time ever comes when the weather

Wears us down,

Like the pounding of rain

eroding a rock,

And you slip away from me

As on heaven’s doors you knock–

I will be here.


What makes a person extreme?
Racing a train with yards of track ahead of you?
Running towards a car moving 50 miles an hour towards you?
Jumping the gun and asking that girl to marry you?

Maybe it’s all of them
But only one of us can be the most extreme–
I have to say
It must be me.

It must be me
Because I do all of those things.
I race the train and I win.
I run towards the speeding car and flip over it with ease.
I don’t care what anyone thinks– I ask my man to marry me.

Don’t believe me?
Well I’m a writer.
I do those things daily.
I am extreme.

I have come face to face with the devil himself–
and I escaped him and his rancid breath.
I died one thousand times
and still stand before you today.

Only the most extreme could compete with that.

I am a writer.
I walk on water
and fight the world’s best heavy weight boxer.
I wake up to the love of my life dead beside me.
I sing in front of a crowd for the first time and wow them all.
I am a writer.

I have many talents.
I travel without moving out of my seat.
I create worlds that only exist in the most extreme peoples minds.
I am extreme.

I am a writer.